Friday, November 3rd from 6pm-8pm
Confetti Party Place
3190 Westchester Ave., Bronx, NY 10461


The Banana Leaf is excited to invite you to participate in any of our in-person cooking demonstration classes!

WHEN: Thursday, June 1st from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm
WHERE: Confetti Party Place, 3190 Westchester Ave, Bronx, NY 10461

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We will walk you through how to make Puerto Rican Pasteles when you join the cooking class. The host of the cooking class series and owner of The Banana Leaf will demonstrate how to make Puerto Rican pasteles from scratch. You’ll learn step-by-step how to make traditional masa with green bananas, yautía, and green plantains, plus a rich and delicious pork filling. You will be ready to wrap them up like gifts and enjoy them during the Christmas season.

No experience is required! We provide all the materials and ingredients, which are easy to find at local markets if you don’t already have them in your home kitchen. Our events are casual and meant to be fun, interactive, instructive, and not hardcore. This class is designed to be just as fun for the cooking enthusiast who wants to be a part of every step as it is for the first-timer who’s happier observing and assisting.

Aside from learning to make the original recipe, you will also learn a Time-Saving Meal Prep Tip that will help you prepare them in less time until you become more comfortable in the kitchen. And of course, you will have finished pasteles and arroz con gandules for us to sample!

Ticket Price Includes

  • Raffle Entry
  • Class materials
  • Ingredients
  • Free Banana Leaf Tasting of Arroz con Gandules, Pasteles & Coquito.
The Banana Leaf products are available for purchase from the venue and are NOT included in the ticket price.
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