About Us

I always thought about starting a family business because I noticed that our recipes were dying with the Abuelas and I am afraid that our culture and our traditions will die with them too.

Not only would I like my Sofrito to connect with the island but also with our culture, tradition, and race. I would like us to learn about the history of Puerto Rico since I notice that many of us do not know our beautiful island.

I’m really trying to keep our traditions and culture alive. I want to see the new generations enjoy our recipes, our music and the arts that we carry in our blood. Because we are Puerto Ricans with passion.

The culture of Puerto Rico is the result of a series of international and indigenous influences, both past and present. The modern cultural manifestations show the rich history of the island and help create an identity that is a melting pot of cultures.

I also want to encourage other cultures to explore my customs and traditions, helping them with my culinary roots.

Our Sofrito Tule is the beacon of light for those who have lost touch with Abuela’s home cooked meals

 Living in this country so diverse in culture and nationalities, I want you to experience my culinary roots and adaptations to create a new fusion in your food and palate.

I want that for the people that try my Sofrito this means not only food, it means much more. Let it be a conscious choice, an act that finds its deepest roots in cultural and culinary roots.

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